1. Often, when conversation turns to practice, I hear the following: “I really don’t have a practice.” I no longer believe this to be true.
  2.      We are going to practice opening so feel your heart beating deep in your body and relax open as if you are offering your he
    Posted 3 years 47 weeks ago
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  3.      Prayer is an esoteric mystical practice that heals the shattered heart of the kosmos.Your Unique Self, Page 304 
    Posted 3 years 51 weeks ago
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  4.      "I poured out my soul before God," says Hannah when seeking to explain the nature of her prayer practice.
    Posted 3 years 51 weeks ago
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  5.      What is the art of receiving?  It is not by accident that Kabbalah, the name of one of the most important mystical traditions in the world, is a Hebrew word that means "to
    Posted 4 years 4 weeks ago
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  6.      Prayer can be a form of controlling God.  Prayer healers abound both within and without organized religion who promise that prayer can bring healing.
    Posted 4 years 8 weeks ago
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  7. Once we've both identified our areas of shame and brought enough self-compassion to those areas to actually be able to look at them, we can use them to guide us home to our Unique Selves. 
  8. Once you have a clear idea of the chapters of your life story about which you still carry shame, you can begin to work with them.
  9. It would be good to be wise, right? We generally speak quite favorably of the wise and their distinctive virtue, wisdom.
    Posted 5 years 27 weeks ago
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  10. Do you keep the Sabbath?
    Posted 5 years 28 weeks ago
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