It is All in the Receiving

     The relationship of the lover to the beloved in almost every myth tradition is likened to the sun and the moon.  The source of the light is the lover, the sun.  On the other hand, without the moon, that light would disappear into infinity.  For without the moon, we would see no light at all at night.  Not because the sun light is not there, but because there is no object which stands in the path of the rays for the light to hit and be reflected back to us.  Ray upon ray of the suns light is streaming through the universe.  The only reason we see it is because the moon is there to catch the light and bounce it back to us.

     In the same way, the beloved catches the love and reflects it back to the lover.  In a very real sense, it is your beloved who transforms you into a lover!!  It is all in the receiving. Receiving is the greatest gift.

The Erotic and the Holy, Page 457