Integral Coaching

Individualized Coaching

At The Integral Company, we offer individualized coaching services based on an integral model. Informed by the writings of Ken Wilber and the work of our colleagues at the Integral Institute, this model embraces the whole person and, just as important, the person's whole life. Our clients have an opportunity to integrate their life's work with their life's loves, their work and their play, their personal development with their professional development.

No two people are the same, so no two coaching engagements are the same, at least at The Integral Company. From our first encounter with you in our free one-hour initial consultation, we start to customize your coaching program. This process of customization occurs not just at the beginning of our engagement, but throughout, changing approaches to keep up with your changing life.

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Training for Coaches

The Integral Company offers coaches and aspiring coaches introductory and advanced training in integral coaching methods. As a result of participating in our coaching training, you will be able to provide your clients with a more fully-integrated approach to accomplishing their goals, whatever they might be. Because Integral Coaching "puts the coach in the picture",The Integral Company's training for coaches also is itself a powerful training for the development of the coach.

Introduction to Integral Coaching

Our three-day introductory course offers participants these objectives:

  • Gain a working understanding of the essential components of Integral Theory (All-Quadrants, All-Levels, All-Lines, All-States, All-Types)
  • Develop an integral life practice
  • Learn the key skills of integral coaching, including "Integral listening", developing and refining a coaching plan with new and ongoing clients, and defining the scope of the coaching engagement
  • Learn how an integral approach can inform the use of external resources in providing clients with full-service coaching


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Advanced Integral Coaching

Our advanced coaching seminar is, well, advanced. Open only to graduates of the introductory course, this course combines an initial 3-day seminar with weekly calls with Dr. Goddard over a 12-week period to address the wide array of issues that can emerge in a coaching practice. Objectives for this course include:

  • Deepening your understanding of Integral Theory through experiential processes developed in The Integral Company's Integral Intensive
  • Learning how to use a broad array of coaching assessment tools
  • Designing a multi-phased consulting engagement to address emerging client needs over an extended relationship
  • Integrating coaching with community and other resources

TUITION: $3,250

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