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  1. Take a moment to imagine what today would be like for a Being who was utterly interconnected with all other beings, who embraced all events, thoughts, emotions as the natural unfolding of Existence, and who was literally made of Love. Then, pick up a mirror, smile at the image you see there, and say, "let's give it a try!"
    Posted 5 years 39 weeks ago
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  2. Consciousness happens whether we practice or not. Getting conscious about consciousness elevates the game remarkably.
  3. We are not separate from our respective journeys. We are, at worst, merely unaware of them.
    Posted 5 years 43 weeks ago
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  4. When I commit to radical acceptance of what is, I do not commit to withholding my truth from my child, or my colleague, or those in power. I do commit to honoring the other's perspective with deep compassion and wisdom. How can I tell the distinction between my lecturing another person from a position of non-acceptance and sharing my truth from a position of acceptance? One way is to feel the energy in my body and sense whether it is an...
  5. What would it be to encounter another person from the perspective of Divine Mother? What would it be to see every other human as the Beloved Child, to be grateful for his or her presence, to be understanding and accepting of each person no matter how developed he/she is, and to be utterly committed to his/her well-being and growth?Now that would be a way to celebrate Mother's Day!
    Posted 5 years 45 weeks ago
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  6. We constantly are giving the precious gift of attention. We can hardly help it. Moment after moment, we hand over our attention to people, events, thoughts, emotions, and myriad other phenomena both internal and external. If our attention is a gift, many of us are like a drunken philanthropist, handing out the family fortune to whomever and whatever shows up with hand outstretched. We often act as though we have an unlimited moments of...
    Posted 5 years 46 weeks ago
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  7. Ultimately, it is a question of identity. Of the myriad dimensions of who I am this lifetime, this day, this moment, with which dimension will I identify, now? Yes, the mysterious, vast being called "I" contains the Wounded Child, the Skeptic, the Warrior, the Deep Feminine, and thousands of other ways of being. Each of these personas, or voices, or ways of being is a valuable energy, waiting to be accessed when needed. Each of...
    Posted 5 years 46 weeks ago
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  8.  Have you noticed the cultural pressures toward being unmindful?I have. For example, someone loses his wallet many miles from home and doesn't flip out about it but, instead, goes about his business, taking appropriate steps, embodying equanimity throughout. People all around say, as though he were some sort of alien, "how can you be so calm? I'd be freaking out!" Some even encourage him to increase his anxiety level as a...
  9. We are awed when we contemplate the vast universe outside our bodies. A hundred billion suns per galaxy, and hundreds of billions of galaxies. We have every reason to be just as awed by the vast universe within our bodies. And it’s not just the trillions of human cells and non-human organisms coexisting in radically complex harmony. That’s the least of the awe-inspiring splendor. The vast universe of thought, emotion, love, and imagination...
  10. It is utterly possible to choose Boundless Compassion as a way of being in this moment, in the next moment, in all moments. Any difficulty we might experience comes not from a lack of capacity for such compassion, but from our resistance to living from our naturally compassionate selves.
  11. If we realize -- deeply -- the vast interconnectedness and interpenetration of the amazing cosmos in which we live, then add the deep realization that we are not separate from the whole miracle, it is almost inevitable that we emerge from that realization drenched in awe, wonder, and humility. Oh, my: is that who I am?
  12. How good are your feedback mechanisms? All healthy systems have effective feedback mechanisms. From the functioning of your inner ear, providing feedback about balance to your body, to organizational accounting systems, providing feedback on the economic impact of management decisions, well-functioning feedback mechanisms are essential to individuals and organizations alike. One area in which many of us lack for effective feedback is in our...
  13.  The scientist takes a hypothesis and conducts a series of experiments, collects and analyzes the data, reformulates the hypothesis in light of those data, and runs new experiments. The results are neither "right" nor "wrong"; they simply inform the next hypothesis, the next experiment.What if you took that approach to your mindfulness practice? Formulate a hypothesis (e.g., "if I meditate 20 minutes each morning,...
  14. Is your trust delusional?For many of us, at least sometimes, to "trust" something or someone means to "trust that things will go as I want them to." Conversely, to not trust something or someone may mean to "believe that this situation or person will let me down"If this is so for you, try this: in your meditation, see if you can feel behind this trust (or lack of trust) your expectation that things (or people)...
    Posted 5 years 50 weeks ago
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  15. How much energy do you spend trying to resolve dilemmas?As I listen in on conversations in my community and my society, I hear accounts of such struggles as, "family vs. community", "strong ego-boundary vs. penetrable, vulnerable person", "spiritual quest vs. material need" and "playful inner child vs. serious adult." It often sounds like a description of a battle that the narrator is trying to resolve.The...
    Posted 5 years 50 weeks ago
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