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  1. Spiritual Evolution by Georgeanne Jud
    The language of the New Age writers is filled with the notion of infinite possibility, of breaking free from the constraints of limited conventional thinking. This is, at one level, an advance.
    Posted 5 years 36 weeks ago
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  2. In To Eye by Georgeanne Jud
    Got trust issues? Join the crowd. It seems to me we've got a planet-full of folks with them.
    Posted 5 years 38 weeks ago
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  3. Everyting is Everything by Georgeanne Jud
    Most of us live lives in which we move back and forth between solitude and community.
  4. We All Can
    None of us is truly alone. Each of us lives embedded in a social matrix that is unique to each of us.
  5. Gaia by Georgeanne Jud
    One dimension of consciousness practice has to do with acceptance.
  6. Pennsylvania Woods by Georgeanne Jud
    When another person comes to you with a grievance, it almost invariably provides an excellent opportunity to practice mindful listening.
  7. Eye of God by Georgeanne Jud
    If mindfulness practice can be said to have objectives (and there is some dispute about that), one of them likely is to gain an awareness of the mind's operation.
    Posted 5 years 40 weeks ago
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  8. The Parting by Georgeanne Jud
    In the unfolding of consciousness, one fertile domain of discovery is that of the ground on which each of us stands.
  9. Even Michael Jordan, whom most consider the greatest basketball player in history, had a coach.
    Posted 5 years 43 weeks ago
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  10. What is it to "live mindfully"?For many practitioners, it involves 20 minutes in the morning on the cushion and an aspiration to bring that mindfulness to moments throughout the day.
  11. Self sacrifice is touted as a great virtue in our culture.Perhaps too much.
  12. A new measure of consciousness posits that a person's consciousness includes awareness both of the physical elements of the environment and his/her relationship to the universe.
    Posted 5 years 45 weeks ago
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  13. Apache Sunset
    We are asleep to each other.At least most of us. Most of the time. Asleep.
    Posted 5 years 46 weeks ago
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  14. Image of "Where the Hell is She" by Georgeanne Jud.
    To what do you attend?
  15. We teach forgiveness in our 9-week mindfulness training. Sometimes the question has arisen (even within myself), "how is this a mindfulness practice?