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    One of the most delightful of the Christmas gifts we received this year is a DVD of the movie, "Inside Out".
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    Yes, there is value in setting aside some period of time each day to do some sort of formal practice. What do you do on those days when your schedule does not allow that?
  3. Take-aways from the previous two blog posts:
  4. Ruby Slippers
    To continue this series of ruminations about how to select a practice or set of practices . . .
  5. I am occasionally asked, "how do I figure out which spiritual practices to undertake?" In fact, I had just such a conversation this week with a friend I made at a recent retreat at Shalom Mountain.
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    I hold the perspective that all that we do is practice. So, for me, the question is not "do you practice?" so much as it is "what is your practice?" 
  7. My friend and teacher Robert Close just sent this prayer by Sue Monk Kidd in his daily email missive:
    Posted 1 year 27 weeks ago
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  8. In the early stages of our development as conscious beings, we focus — rightfully — on what to do. From our earliest days, we direct our attention to what we should and should not do.
  9. Integrity is an evolutionary quality.Marc Gafni The classic definitions of integrity start with honesty and moral upright
  10. This practice is rooted in the faith that our consciousness is served by developing diversity and flexibility in our attentional skills.
    Posted 4 years 1 day ago
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  11. Clouds
    Posted 4 years 3 weeks ago
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  12. Throughout the day, check in with who's driving the vehicle that is you. Here's one approach to take whenever you remember, at any time of the day:
  13. Astrophysicist Carl Sagan once famously said, "we are a way for the cosmos to know itself." This beautiful statement gets a bit richer if we understand that this self-knowing is occurring within th
    Posted 4 years 8 weeks ago
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  14. Our yearnings in the external world can teach us about our yearnings in the inner world, the world that may be harder to perceive.
    Posted 4 years 22 weeks ago
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