Who's got the steering wheel now?

Throughout the day, check in with who's driving the vehicle that is you. Here's one approach to take whenever you remember, at any time of the day:

  • Conduct a lightning-quick body scan. Notice, in an instant, how you're breathing, where the holding is in your body, where any discomfort is, and where any particular pleasure is.
  • Flash on your emotional state and any associated thoughts. Don't work on them; merely notice what is.
  • As yourself the question: "of all the voices within me, which one seems to be the primary source of these emotions and thoughts?" You may need to make up a name to describe this voice, i.e., "Protector", "Scarcity", "Joyous Creator". 
  • Take a moment to remember the gifts of this voice, and then say "Thank you!"
  • Move on to the next activity without the slightest clinging to this exercise.
The point of this exercise is not to fix anything, but merely to notice what is arising and from which voice it is arising.