Holding Impatience and Compassion as Both Sacred

The Art of Boxing, George Bellows
Today, fueled by intertwined dreams, reading, and conversations, I’m musing on the capacity of the Divine Being that we are to be simultaneously impatient in our yearning to unfold, to create new, to heal, and to be compassionate for that aspect of the Divine that resists the unfolding, creation, and healing. 
So, as an inevitable characteristic of the Divine, this impatience is as sacred as the compassion. Where we get into trouble is when we split them, when we forget that we not only can, but must hold the compassion with the impatience. This can happen most easily when we forget that our resistance to creativity is no less sacred than the creativity itself. The old formula “creativity=good, resistance=evil” might be a handy tool to get through a day, but if it becomes our truth then we risk splitting ourselves in two and provoking a bloody civil war within our beings, our creative self battling to the death our natural resistance. 
What I’ve described here is true, I believe, in our relationship with ourselves and with others. Only when we can hold both the yearning and the resistance as sacred, as natural, will the inner and external wars come to an end.
Image: The Art of Boxing, George Bellows